Monday, 15 August 2011

Adventures at the Vienna zoo


Here is the perfect excuse to post two very recent finds - what I hope is a cleaner image of LH Jungnickel's Tigerkopf from 1909 and yet another of his unpredictable maccaws. The excuse was provided today by Neil's very welcome article about the merits of another Austrian printmaker, Norbertine von Bresslern Roth. I was disappointed that no one really took isssue with me at the time, so please look at I have also changed the second image for a better one that I am happy to admit I have just this minute stolen from Lily's seminal blog Japonisme It is also very annoying to find that Lily posted an LHJ tiger image three years ago! That's a double dose of humility for me in one day.

I should also add that the second woodcut is a proof. That's why there are marks and no signature. There are at least two versions, one with a blue macaw, one with a grey-blue one. It may be that he produced different versions for different editions. I think I shall be unable to resist eventually putting together a post dealing with this and Jungnickel's working methods. Stand by.


  1. oh damn! i wrote a fairly long response, and i got fooled again, as it appears like the post has been accepted, and i shut the window, remembering too late that i had to wait to match that damn word.

    i'll tell you i thanked you and said i appreciated your attitude, and the rest i'll just save for another time.

  2. Or for a new blog to be called 'The Blue Parrot'.