Thursday, 22 March 2012

News from ebay: Eric Hesketh Hubbard's 'St Anne's Gateway from the east'

Here we have up for sale on ebay a curious print by the British artist Eric Hesketh Hubbard. A very respectable little monochrome aquatint of a gipsy encampment of his went for about £45 on Sunday; this colour woodcut finds him in antiquarian mood. And a rather odd and individual thing it is. As the seller says, the 'folio' edition comes with the addition of green. In fact, it is a bizarre eau-de-nil, which makes the print look even odder. What the seller didn't say was that the coloured print also comes on japan. I assume this one is on a cheaper paper; I think there were other even cheaper ones on card. This makes a difference. The finish of the print is very unusual and makes it worth having, even if this twenties antiquarianism leaves even me scratching my head - because I like stuff like that. But I paid £27 less than two years ago for a print on japan; this one, which is not on japan is considerably more. You could always offer less than £150 but bear in mind you can find the set of four for sale at about £500. But would it divert you sufficiently to make you forget you had just paid £150? Somehow, I don't think it would.

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