Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More news from ebay: Edgar Holloway self-portrait

As Clive said a few hours ago, there are some good things up for sale on ebay and this is something special that has come up only today: what appears to be a 1932 proof of Edgar Hollway's self-portrait. or, at least, one of them, because he did a few self-portraits, in various guises. (I am not doubting this isn't from 1932 but I think there was also a later edition. But you have to satisfy yourself about this.) And again, this isn't the one that is up for sale. This is just a sharper image. Holloway started etching (and selling) at a very early age and was pursued rather hilariously for some while by the Scots etcher Willie Wilson. He also knew some of the other Scots printmakers that we favour: Ian Cheyne and Ian Fleming. Cheyne exchanged the very beautiful West Highland Loch for one of Holloways' etchings at a Society of Artist Printmakers exhibition. He was one of the English artists who exhibited with them, along with Ethel Kirkpatrick. So, an interesting artist all round. And, by the way, it starts at £675. (Yes, you got that right the first time.)

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