Friday, 17 February 2012

Bernard Rice: rare images

A few rare images by the British artist Bernard Rice for a reader in Cairo who is preparing a book on him. Rice moved to Cairo in 1929 where he worked at the School of Fine Art and helped to set up the Graphics Department where my reader now works himself.

All of these images come from this 1996 exhibition catalogue. The main aim of the exhibition was to raise money for Rice's care.

The last image I  think is my favourite woodcut by the artist. He made seperate prints using at least two sections of the larger woodcut - you can see one of them here (the image for some reason is reversed). I own another, which you can see on my post 'The Bosnian woodcuts'. I shall be posting more as I sort them out.



  1. Thank you very much Mr. Gordon for your concern & valuable work. I think that the 1996 exhibition is the one which Sasa Marinkov printed the old wooden plates of Rice's 'Bosnian Prints'.
    You are always a pioneer in field of researching about printmaking masters, and i owe you so much in the information of my upcoming book.

  2. That's OK, Yasser. And, yes, you are right, it was the exhibition with the re-strikes by Sasha Marinkov. I shall, post a few more tonight.