Monday, 26 September 2011

Tales from ebay: Ohara Koson

And as if by magic a photograph so poor I had to check the signature against my own prints. But to me this looks like Ohara Koson. It's on ebay in Germany, comes up, I think, on Wednesday and still stands at €1, believe it or not. The drawback? As ever with German sellers, he doesn't take PayPal. (You try to explain to them my bank charges £25 for an international money order but to no effect).


  1. Charles,

    keeping up the good old tradition of Kraut-bashing :-)? But I understand your frustration...However, paypal is not exactly cheap, either (believe it or not: I've got it!).

    I have seen the Koson on ebay, and you're right, it's a steal. But my impression was that maybe not only the photo, but also the print itself is in poor condition. Hard to tell...

    Greetings from Germany,


  2. Is that tape residue bleeding through at the bottom of the print? I'm inclined to agree with Klaus that the condition may well be disappointing.

  3. Well, guys, at this price it hardly matters. This was a quick post last thing and I should add the seller did acknowledge two 'Wasserflecken' ie water stains. Anthony, that maybe what you remark on. Why would there be tape at the bottom?

    Both the Kosons I now have are damaged to some extent but they are always interesting to have if inexpensive. If I see one for a tenner, I buy it, come what may. (My third one was just lying unwanted in a pile of stuff in a friend's library after he died).

    This one is still €1 but I forsee a last minute scramble. Always more interesting if the seller has ben unable to identify the artist.

    Klaus, I wonder if PayPal charges are higher in Germany than they are here. It may expolain the reluctance of both German and Austrian sellers to use it.