Monday, 21 March 2016

Claughton Pellew at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery


This weekend an exhibition of paintings and wood-engravings by the glorious and original Claughton Pellew opens in the Colman Project Space at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. I'm not sure how big this is going to be but Norwich also have a fine collection of watercolours, including their famous John Sell Cotmans, and you might be able to squeeze in the Sainsbury collection at the university, too.


Pellew received the Modern Printmakers treatment in March 2011, so you can always read it for my own opinions. You will also get the low-down on his gradual rehabilitation by various enthusiasts, all of whom owe a debt to Anne Stevens whose personal collection became the basis for the position Pellew now holds as one of the most admired and best loved of all the many British wood-engravers.


The show opens on 26th March and now ends in January, 2017, so there is plenty of time to see it.



  1. Thanks for the alert Haji. I've asked for more details (than the PDF on their site) and will get back to you, when they answer.

  2. Here you go Haji:
    " the moment we don't know when 'The Art of Claughton Pellew' opening 26 March, will finish because the space where it is may be needed for part of the British Art Show 8 which opens on 25 June."
    Best wishes


    1. Well, thanks for checking that, Norman. I always wonder whether readers do go to these exibitions I tell them about. If you go soon, you can always come back and say what you think about it. Cheers.

  3. Their website currently says it's on 'till January 2017