Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Modern Printmakers update

I have reluctantly decided to restrict access to Modern Printmakers after some plagiarism. I'm not generally touchy about things like that; plagiarism is par for the course on the web but this was manipulative and sneaky.

This will mean that posts will be different - more of a fireside chat and with material I would have been reluctant to post publicly. I may well go back to public operations but I may not. In the mean time Happy Christmas to the happy few! I am off to Wales today so there will be no posts till later on in January at least. But I also have a trip to Turkey.

This year's Christmas cake is the V&A's proof of  Ian Cheyne's wonderful Mediterranean Bar from 1935. I'm sure they won't mind just this once.


  1. Delighted to have been included in the fireside chat and my printus envy of the Cheyne is immense. Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your vacation.

  2. I'm glad to be able to enjoy your site once again. I had missed it.

  3. I could hardly live off the help and encouragement I receive from members of artists' families or from collectors such as yourself and keep the blog private.