Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hans Neumann's 'Neuschnee'


I've heard today from a reader in Germany who recently bought a proof of Hans Neumann's woodcut Neuschnee. It differs quite a lot from the one I used to illustrate the recent post on Neumann's work. To start with, unlike my own, it is signed (but then mine has a strange fine scratch on it). More importantly, it is inscribed sonderdruck. I think this means it is from a fine edition and was printed using a water-based medium rather than printer's ink. As you can see, the tone is different and my reader says the blue is stronger than in the photograph he sent.

You will also notice that the paper is wrinkled (below) where the block was printed and that it is cockled at the top. Generally, this suggests a woodcut has been printed on japan although I have seen nothing more of my reader's print than you have. Mine is on a stiffer, laid paper which is pale beige. I also need to say the second image does have a keyblock border but it was missed off the image I found. You will also see that in close-up the finer image is stippled while the brown image is not. I would certainly think the change of colour is intentional. It makes the difference between the two images obvious and would possibly encourage collectors to buy both. I know that given the chance, I would.

Many thanks to Markus in Germany for sending in the image. I suspected there was something odd about this print and know we all know.


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  1. Dear Charles,
    it´s been a while, but perhaps this piece of info may help to understand the difference between the two versions.
    Not so long ago I found an ad offering the version first published by you as "Aus den Bayerischen Alpen", artwork no. 4 of a portfolio (by different artists, I guess) titled "Heimat - Gabe deutscher Kunst an Freunde im Ausland" published in Leipzig 1922 - edition not given.