Thursday, 21 April 2011

Carl August Liner: his one and only print

A nice if conventional linocut by Carl Liner (1871 - 1946), another of the Swiss painters who made occasional colour prints - Fritz Mock and Alfred Peter being two others. Fairly provincial in his habits, I've been unable to track down any more prints but there is a website dedicated to his work. If anyone knows of more linocuts by this no-nonsense post-Impressionist, I could drag those into the blog.


  1. too bad if it's the only one, it's such a beauty

  2. There must be, should be more around, let's hope so because this one is wonderful, and uhh..... welcome back. Missed you too !

  3. Hi Charles - I'd love to spend longer looking at your blog but can't because the background you are using is so very distracting and it means I can't see the images properly.

    If you change it let me know and I'll come back and try taking another look.