Monday, 7 February 2011

'It started with a jug'

'It started with a jug' is a new decorative arts blog run by David Herbert - and one that is well worth a look. A beautiful, readable tour through David's own thrilling collection of British mid-twentieth century modern works of art - everything from ceramics through painting to furniture. Quintessential English style at - and I don't think this link works, so click on David's icon on the top row of my followers list.


  1. thanks very much for your continued support...much appreciated.. many thanks

  2. Ofcourse he won't mind ! I stumbled upon his Blog too, last weekend. Nice to use our Blogs in cross reference. You see it works !

  3. Stumble? How? (No, don't answer that).

    I sent you a message about it direct from the blog at least 2 weeks ago!