Monday, 15 November 2010

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876 - 1950): Three little islands

Klaus Voigt made a very interesting comparison today between the Yoshida woodblock you see here and Carl Thiemann's boat prints. I thought it was well worth putting 'Three little islands' (1930) and Carl Thiemann's 'Abend' (1921) on one page for people to enjoy and compare - and, of course, so that we all know which print we are talking about.


  1. Charles,
    thank you for your reply. You are right in assuming that I own the "Birches", my enthusiasm gave me away, I suppose. It is interesting to see the Yoshida and Thiemann prints next to each other: how similar in the use of colour to show the fading evening light ("bokashi" the Japanese called this technique, I think), yet how different in effect at the same time...
    The Yoshida print is top on the agenda as far as new aquisitions are concerned for me. It just ran on ebay (a rather poor copy, though)for over 600$. Too much for me, the children need shoes for the winter. Then again...I just bought a William Giles for peanuts, maybe I can get some money in when I resell that.
    Let me congratulate you on your blog, I find it very inspiring.
    greetings from the Thiemann-country,


  2. Yes, and I also assume you have more than just 'Birken im Herbst'. Thiemanns are hard to come by in the UK but there was a dealer selling work by him and Hans Frank here in Nottingham in the 1920s.

    Did you see Giles' The Raven that went this week in the US? Very nice condition. $199.

    Thanks for the appreciation. It makes it worth while when enthusiasts like the blog, particularly when I have the face to write about their own artists.


  3. Charles,

    there's no need to be envious, "Birken" is the only Thiemann I have at he moment. I used to have "Abend bei Venedig" and the "Swan", but sold them both in order to buy other prints.
    Made my heart bleed...


  4. As others have bled before, my own included.