Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A German Deco mystery

As I now find I need a new printer for my new pc, here is a fine decorative linocut I kept elsewhere. By an artist I just cannot identify, it came to me from Berlin and I assume it's German.

I would have thought from the quality that the artist would have some kind of reputation. It's printed on wonderful handmade japan, presumably a commissioned piece for Maniu Posselt. Not really the kind of thing you would stick in a book but rather what you would expect on a Clarice Cliff plate - only it's better than Clarice! Richly printed and wonderfully evocative, I hope it wins over any doubters out there: ex libris are sometimes worth buying. It's about 15 x 12 cm so is a nice-sized small print.

It's exactly the kind of print that makes you want to learn more about the artist. Someone somewhere must know.

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