Monday, 29 April 2013

Barnett Freedman at the Fleece Press


For sale at prices big and small, some of the lovely, sturdy, unpretentious drawings that Barnett Freedman did so well that come with an excellent provenance - his son has been up in the attic.

Nice to see Simon staying with northern usage, and the one that I also use, because loft sounds like a foreign language to me. The drawings are very much of the time and remind me of two other no-nonsense artists I like alot, namely Edward Ardizzone and William Roberts.
You will also find a number of Lyons lithographs on the site. I took a look at these not so long ago. These include work by Ardizzone himself and also another Fleece favourite, Edward Bawden. But do not expect Bawden to come cheap; he doesn't anymore. You can see them all here at

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