Monday, 12 March 2012

Tales from ebay: Eileen Mayo's Cat in cherry tree


This is not the proof up for sale. The one on British ebay has been taken at an angle. But this doesn't alter the fact that this is a pretty good print, which is why it currently stands at £255 with six days still to go. It dates from 1952 and comes with her own handwritten details on the back, including her address in London at the time. You can always check out the details on the blog at . Personally, I would far rather have one of her early linocuts but I have no doubt they would cost even more. What will happen? Mayo is a very desirable artist and this cat has her on top, tree-climbing form. There have been a few nice wood-emgravings up for auction recently but this one pushes the buzzer.


  1. I think to be fair Charles, this particular print seems to be in much finer condition than the one you have shared here. I also think the AP is held at the Art Gallery of NSW, but I am not sure. Her early linocuts are lovely, but this is rather stunningly done, and her cats motif was something that she did for about 25 years, and they are always perfectly done. More than likely this will hit around 700 USD or 1000 USD and already with nearly a week left to go, there is a huge amount of attention for it. I am however surprised you haven't mentioned Comment 16 by Ian Fleming...a lovely modernist piece from 1978. Surely you weren't keeping that under your hat were you? How about Hesketh Hubbard Etching aquatint? There seems to be a plethora of interesting items on the market, and many of them from artists you and I both love. So which ones are you bidding on?

  2. Well, to be perfectly honest, Clive, I'm not bidding on any of them. I'd not even seen the Fleming so I must have a look now. I have to admit this post was done in haste although I had been watching the Mayo for a day or two.

    But, yes, there are one or two interesting things up for auction right but it would be quite beyond me to lay a false trail.

    I looked at it again after I'd made my remarks about the linocuts and I have to say I agree with you. It is stunning. This is praise because you never used to be a great fan of monochrome.